What if your business could contribute positively towards the built environment?

Who We Are

CoRE Awards brings together the Construction and Real Estate Industry together to honor, network & educate through promoting best case practices in the sector. The award will thus achieve the desired objective of promoting a common industry standard, recognizing emerging talent and upholding utmost excellence for the good of the client. 

We’re just a bunch of dreamers who wish to promote Kenya’s own standard of quality in the built environment. 


What makes us so unique?

Clients' Interest

Awarding companies which have their clients' best interest in mind such that awareness on the built environment is communicated to even the common mwananchi.

Youth-driven Innovation

For a company run by the youth, we believe that maximizing young talent is salient; as it brings out vibrancy and new ideas into the industry.

Champion sustainability

Through better designing, construction and operation, there will be less harmful implications on the environment. CoRE Awards seeks to promote this.

Qualified team members

We like numbers. So here are some numbers that matter to CoRE.



It is increasingly becoming fundamental for the built environment to uphold sustainability in its processes. The built environment is perhaps the major contributor to climate change with a third of the world’s gas emissions coming from construction of structures within the built sector. At CoRE, our focus is on making sure the socio-economic impact from the Construction and Real Estate sector is a positive one. We not only have the best interests of the environment at heart, but also the clients, creating awareness around the planning, designing and construction process.


Necessity is the mother of all invention. The need for smarter and more sustainable structures has seen numerous changes in the built environment. The constant pursuit for better and higher standards of practice is what we champion at CoRE. Recognizing companies which uphold innovative techniques for both their clients and the environment at large such that the idea of innovation in Kenya’s built environment becomes a norm. 


Promoting best case practices in the construction and real estate industry remains to be paramount at CoRE. Ensuring that Excellence is synonymous with the built industry such that all stakeholders involved benefit uniquely though the entire construction process. We aim on being a one-stop information hub that disseminates quality information to not only industry players, but also non-industry players. Thus, the way we carry out our operations is nothing short of remarkable. 

We pride ourselves in being a multifaceted organization.

We believe that for change to be felt, the right kind of impact should be made. For this reason, we have 3 major facets that make CoRE Awards what it is; each touching base on matters that essentially run the organization.

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