Builder’s Box

Builder's Box

Under the common themes of innovation, sustainability and excellence, CoRE organizes learning and networking platforms for industry players every once in a while. We have had Builders' Box topics on themes that range fromaffordable housing, BIM, industry disruptors (Technology and COVID-19),sustainable mobility and sustainable waste management. The topics willalways align with trends and are data-backed insights from CoRE's research department. It is at these forums that professionals can gain CPD points.

Core Green Apple Day Of Service

In light of the sector being one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse emissions, tree planting to offset the industry's carbon footprint is a duty we exercise during our green apple days of service. This days are done in partnership with the Kenya Green Building Society and in consequence the WGBC. We also partner with associations, NGOs and schools, both primary and secondary.

  • Strategic opportunity for industry collaboration
  • Opportunity for free exchange of industry specific business information
  • Opportunity for honest feedback, advise and brainstorming from our discussion forums (Builders' Box)
  • Optimization of peer support within the industry.
  • Opportunity to earn CPD points on a growing basis.
  • Opportunity to offset carbon emissions and create a sustainable environment.